Musical Children in the Making

Parents Love Kidstunes...

"Rileigh really enjoys music class every week.  I'm so thankful for you as a teacher and the class being offered at her daycare!!  "

"Zelda always comes home bursting with excitement about music class."

"...Thank you for challenging him week after week. I can honestly tell you that we have seen, and heard, a difference in his confidence level when it comes to singing and music since starting Kidstunes. I feel like it helps him have confidence in general. Until Kidstunes, we never heard him even try to sing a song or make music. Now he does it all the time with confidence and rhythm. "

 "I just wanted to first thank you for making Brandon’s week with your music class. He also has to stop and look at your picture just about every afternoon when we leave school in the hall way!! We always talk about what he has learned and he will try his best to recite the songs he has learned. It is adorable!"

"...(My daughter) has enjoyed so very much her time in music and will miss you bunches! Thank you for nurturing her artistic side while she was in Pre-K!"

Centers Love Kidstunes...

"The (Kidstunes Instructor) always brings exciting songs and interesting exercises for the children to enhance their appreciation of music. (He) does a wonderful job of involving the children as well as the teachers in the music lessons through the use of songs and stories and incorporates movement to add a little more excitement. "

"Both the children and the teachers look forward to the arrival of Ms. Leigh as her positive attitude and musical presence enhances everyone’s day thus enhancing the children’s experience  Kidstunes curriculum is well thought out and executed. The children learn so much from the musical experience and are engaged the entire time."

"Kidstunes came to us at a time when parents wanted it most. We had just received our annual parent surveys and one of the needs that stood out were additional programs that would involve all children. The (Kidstunes) instructor instantly won the hearts of the children...many of the children developed such a love for instruments that we had to order more of our instruments to have on days when (the instructor) was not there."