Musical Children in the Making

Classes can be scheduled for summer camps for all ages for new and existing clients.

Music Around the World is a flexible program ideal for school-agers as well as preschoolers.

Kidstunes can accommodate weekly, bi-weekly or even  specific dates to correlate with your summer themes


Music Around the World

A Multicultural Musical Summer Adventure

Each summer our students embark on a world-wide adventurearound the world!

Passports in hand, they travel to different countries and learn all about the music, instruments, traditional dances, the children who live there and how they  may look different, yet they are very much the same as us.

Many cultures have a unique sound and style of music that may be different than what we're used to hearing.  Students explore the instruments that make those sounds, make their own instruments, sing folk songs and children's songs from that culture, and even learn to greet each other in a new language.