Musical Children in the Making

Why Kidstunes?

Benefits of Early Childhood Music and Movement

Kidstunes knows from many years of experience and research in this field the wonderful benefits of music instruction at an early age. Studies undeniably prove these experiences enhance spatial reasoning skills, which are critical for higher brain function and success in math and science. Early musical involvement promotes language development, fine and gross motor coordination, social behavior and interactions, self-expression and symbolic thinking. In addition, music students demonstrate an increased ability to learn and retain new information quicker and easier.

Our developmentally appropriate, flexible and innovative curriculum exposes children to the joys of music by

  • allowing them to become an active participant in the creation of music
  • encouraging them to attain a sense of confidence in their musical achievements
  • guiding them to express themselves through music and movement.

Owned and Operated in North Carolina

Kidstunes was founded right here in North Carolina by Lara Davis in 1995. Hundreds of childcare centers, preschools and parents have chosen Kidstunes to provide a comprehensive, well-rounded and FUN music education program for their children.

Experienced Staff
All Kidstunes instructors complete our hands-on certification in Early Childhood Music and Movement and receive ongoing mentoring and training. Our teachers are required to have a pre-service background screening in compliance with the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education. They also attend continuing education workshops and conferences in the areas of early childhood music and movement and child development throughout their tenure with Kidstunes. Finally, our instructors continually collaborate on teaching tips, curriculum ideas, team-teaching and substituting for one another to ensure our clients consistent and dependable services.

Our Curriculum
Kidstunes offers
two program options for preschools and childcare centers throughout North Carolina. Whether a child participates in a school-wide program or optional enrichment program, they will receive the most comprehensive early childhood music and movement experience available.

Each Kidstunes class is designed to benefit many areas of growth and development for every child. Our focus includes:

  • Fundamental Music Concepts
  • Playing Musical Instruments
  • Singing/Vocal and Aural Development
  • Masterworks Study - musical "play" with classic masterpieces and famous composers
  • Creative Movement and Dance
  • Dramatization, Storytelling and Puppetry
  • Multi-Cultural Styles and Traditions
  • Exploring Orchestral Instruments
  • Creative Composition and Self-Expression
  • Appreciation of Various Forms and Styles of Music
  • Music-Related Crafts
  • Selective Listening Skills
  • Recognition of Music Symbols and Notation
  • Cross-Curricular Activities
  • Literacy Enhancement