Musical Children in the Making



JUNE 2020

Musical Moments

Make family music a part of your routine this summer!  Listed below are some suggestions for incorporating music  into your everyday activities.

♪ Make simple rhythm instruments from every-day materials (visit our web site or Facebook page for ideas). 

♪ Check out books on musical subjects from your local library.

♪ View a musical performance online or learn about instruments and the orchestra from your local Symphony. Search “Symphony for kids”.

♪ For long trips in the car, have a sing-a-long.  Take turns teaching each other new songs, or make up your own.  Add body percussion too!

♪ Purchase or make a set of streamers, ribbons, or scarves.  Spread out in the yard.  Play   music in a variety of moods / styles and explore the magic of music AND MOVEMENT!

Hello to All the Children of the World

Throughout the summer, we use songs in other languages.  One of our favorites is a Hello song that shows how different countries say “Hello”!  And yes, they DO learn all these words! See if you can sing —or just chant it — with them at home!

Hello, Bonjour (French), Buenos Dias (Spanish)... 

G’Day (Australian), Guten Tag (German), Kon Nichi Wa (Japanese)! 

Ciao (Italian), Shalom (Hebrew),  Dobre Dyen (Russian)...

HELLO to all the children of the world!


​​VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP - Music Around the World

Join us for fun and engaging classes focusing on music, instruments, dances and of course the people and traditions from all around the world! Your child will learn simple phrases like greetings & common words in other languages, receive customized “passports” to stamp throughout their travels (full-camp participants only) and ideas and instructions for DIY multicultural instruments, props, & more!

Three 10-week sessions to choose from:

Music Around the World with Mrs. Lou Anne
Dates: June 10 - August 12
Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m

Music Around the World with Mrs. Ebony
Date: June 11 - August 13
Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.

Music Around the World with Mrs. Lou Anne
Dates: June 13 - August 15
Saturdays at 9:30 a.m

Cost: $80 per session/family (includes recorded links for missed classes)
Drop –in (one class at a time) - $10.00

​​Lara's Letter

Over the last couple of months, our Kidstunes teachers have been keeping music alive with Virtual Music Classes for students at home and for    staff and students in childcare centers that remained open. Although our classes may look a little different for the time being, the same high-quality, fun and engaging classes we all love has remained the same. Although we do not know for certain when we will be able to return to holding classes in-person, we will continue to provide opportunities for children to thrive and grow musically during this time, as always!

Each summer we embark on a  musical adventure traveling around the world to learn about other cultures and how their music, instruments, language and traditions are unique and different from our own. This summer we are offering  this program through Virtual Music Classes via Zoom for centers and students at home.

Please see below for summer camp information for your child or
The first session begins JUNE 10, so HURRY and register online at


As students begin to return, we don’t want them to miss out on their music time! We can resume your previous schedule, adapt to your current needs, or even schedule specific dates for your summer camp! Contact us at 

Music Around the World

Many cultures have a unique sound and style of music that may be different than what we're used to hearing.  Students explore the instruments that make those sounds, make their own instruments, sing folk songs and children's songs from that culture, and even learn to greet each other in a new language.

This exciting introduction to the Kidstunes Multicultural unit takes students on a “trip” around the world!  We will “visit” different countries each week to learn how children all over the globe celebrate with music!  Through songs, dances,  musical games, unique instruments, crafts, and traditions from cultures across all the continents, students will get a true taste of many venues. 

Students participating in our Virtual Music Camps from home  will receive a digital copy of a Kidstunes “passport” with a picture of each country’s flag, that can be stamped or marked off as they visit each destination. Centers will receive a passport for use in the classroom.

Music Around the World has been a favorite among students and staff over the years, so don’t miss out!