​​Lara's Letter

This summer, the Kidstunes team of teachers had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Early Childhood Music  & Movement Association’s (ECMMA) 2018 convention in Buffalo.

    The convention theme, WATCH, LISTEN, PLAY, CREATE

celebrates the many ways young children can engage in music and movement expression and the numerous ways adults can honor those expressive moments. The convention featured thought-provoking guest speakers, engaging workshops that bridge research and practice, demonstration classes with children, and interactive creative arts performances.

   Kidstunes instructors came back energized with new ideas, activities and enthusiasm for engaging young children through music. Having the opportunity to participate in the convention, supporting each other and sharing their greatest teaching moments, and challenges, helps build and strengthen the Kidstunes team of teachers and refreshes their passion of sharing music with YOUR children!


Musical Children in the Making




Welcome New Instructor, Emily Killgo

Please help us welcome Emily to the Kidstunes team!

   Emily began playing the piano at age 5 and taking private voice lessons at 11. She won multiple music scholarships after graduating high school before heading to Brigham Young University where she studied Music Dance Theater. She has taught private voice lessons and piano for over 10 years to children and adults and had been the music instructor at her church for children ages 18 months to 12 years. She has also been the choir director and accompanied choirs at different churches. Emily has performed in many musicals and loves acting. 

   When she is not busy teaching music she enjoys being a mother, reading, and practicing hand-lettering crafts.


Musical Moments

One of our culture's most well-known tunes, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", is actually well-known all over the world! The tune was originally a French lullaby and popularized by a Mozart piece in 12 Variations. Many cultures have adapted the famous tune into songs in their own languages. 

One example is the Mexican "Estrellita" sung in Spanish:


Estrellita, ¿dónde estás? 
Me pregunto qué serás. 
En el cielo y en el mar, 
Un diamante de verdad. 
Estrellita, ¿dónde estás? 
Me pregunto qué serás.
Cuando el sol se ha ido ya
Cuando nada brilla más
Tú nos muestras tu brillar
Brillas, brillas, sin parar
Estrellita, ¿dónde estás?
Me pregunto qué serás.

 (English Translation)

Little star, where are you?
I wonder what you are.
In the sky and in the sea
A real diamond.
Little star, where are you?
I wonder what you are.

When the sun has already gone,
When nothing else shines,
You show us your shine.
You shine, you shine constantly.
Little star, where are you?
I wonder what you are.


Now Enrolling for Piano Class

     Kidstunes Music Academy is the next step in your child’s musical journey! If you live in the Alamance County area, Pre-Piano (ages 5-6) and Beginner Classes (ages 6-9) are available at our studio on Chapel Hill Road in Burlington.  The group method allows children to learn from each other and overcome performance anxiety. Most importantly, it keeps the fun in music-making!

    Music Makers at the Keyboard is a comprehensive, aural approach   to learning music developed by Musikgarten. Through a variety of activities such as drumming, dancing, singing, echoing patterns, music games  and keyboard skills, children will become independent musicians.

   Enroll your child in Piano Classes with Kidstunes Music Academy at
www.KidstunesAcademy.comor call 800-635-6281 for more information.

   Not in the Burlington area? Visit www.Musikgarten.org to find a piano class near you.