Musical Children in the Making




What's Happening in Music Class?

 Are you getting weekly e-mail updates from your instructor?

 If not, make sure we have the best e-mail address for you , or you might be missing out on all the fun your child is having! These are also posted AT your child’s center. Here’s an example of one of the many adventures you can expect...

  “This week in music we had lots of fun singing about Mexico. We started class playing along on the maracas. We played along to the "Maraca Song" and "The Color Song".  For the "Color Song" we used a color cube and took turns rolling it.  We sang about each color the cube landed on and we used the Spanish name in the song.  Mrs. Lou Anne had cards with pictures of blue, purple, red, orange, green, and yellow items.  We included these things in our song. 

Here is an example of what we sang for green.

Come let us sing about green verde.
Come let us sing about green verde.
Come let us sing about green verde.
Trees are green, verde!

We also used a sombrero and did the Mexican hat dance to the song "La Raspa".

One of our favorite activities of the week was using the parachute to move along to the song "Las Machetes". The song has three sections.  For the first section we walked around holding the parachute, for the second section we moved the parachute up and down, and for the third section we shook the parachute! “ ~ Mrs. Lou Anne

Musical Moments

All summer long, Kidstunes students are traveling the world exploring different cultures and learning the styles of music, instruments, dances, languages and traditions from all over. 

You can listen to a variety of sounds at the Use the world map to click on any location and learn the history of the music, artists and traditional dances. Kids will love being able to click on the map themselves.

Traveling Ideas:

Use the website above to play music from different countries using some ideas below to have a great time pretending to travel. Be sure to talk about how you're going to get to your destination - boat, plane, car, horse?

- Pretend you are in Italy and use yarn as pasta and have a food fight with friends
- Get under a large blanket and pretend to be a Chinese Dragon! 
- Use chopsticks as rhythm sticks to keep the beat
- Make a flower necklace from dandelions for a Lei and dance the Hula in Hawaii
- Put a large hat in the middle of the room and dance around it to the Mexican Hat Dance
- Travel to Africa with your own drums made out of 5 gallon paint buckets (about $3.00). These make a great sounds, with plenty of volume!


What Will Your Child Learn with Kidstunes?

  It’s time to gear up for the 2019-2020 school-year! As a reminder, Kidstunes classes continue all year long!  Here are some of the topics covered during the curriculum year in music class:

· Finding your singing voice and keeping a steady beat
· Duration - listening for long and short sounds in music and the way these make a difference in how the music sounds.
 Rhythm and notation - students learn basic rhythm patterns and music symbols
· Pitch and melodic direction - the highs and lows of music and the direction of the melody  can make music more interesting and exciting!
· Musical Expression—the tempo (fast and slow), the articulation (smooth and choppy), and dynamics (soft and loud) can change the feel and mood of the music
· Tone color and making instruments - why and how do different instruments have varying tonalities and pitches?
· The families of instruments and the orchestra
· Moods and styles of music

 As your child grows and matures, he/she will have a better understanding of these concepts, will have better coordination skills to master movement and more developed fine motor skills to be able to play instruments more precisely. 

We are looking forward to a great year!

​​Lara's Letter

During the month of August, we will begin packing our bags and getting ready to make our way back to the U.S.A. Our students can’t wait to tell their families everything they’ve learned this summer on their adventures.

   As we wrap-up our journey of “Music Around the World” this month, we’ll explore a few more countries and review where we’ve been, as well as the songs,  dances, and customs that are part of their unique  heritage.  Look for your child’s very own Kidstunes Passport coming home soon with all of the exciting destinations we visited! 

   Many of our ‘travelers’ are departing from preschool (& Kidstunes) to embark on a brand new journey into Kindergarten!  We wish them the very best in “big school” and hope your Kidstunes experiences serve you well as you continue to explore the arts!!  We also look forward to welcoming many newcomers this school year!

   We love to know how our students are doing after preschool. We often hear how much they love music class AND how pleased their teachers are of their musical knowledge! Please feel free to keep in touch at

   If you are in the Burlington area,  visit to learn more about group piano classes available to your child.