Musical Children in the Making

Why Early Childhood Music Instruction

The Kidstunes instructors focus their energy on bringing music back into the schools from the start - in early childhood!  What better place to begin music instruction than at this very young age when music aptitude is at its highest and in the comfortable setting of a child’s  own school?  Our program provides a well-rounded approach to learning the fundamentals of music, stimulating the whole child aurally, visually, and kinesthetically.  We also involve new students year-round by both reviewing past skills while incorporating new material as well. 

Our curriculum concentrates on young students (through age 5), however its flexibility allows adaptations of the program for older children as well—especially during our summer “Music Around the World” series! Everyone - even classroom teachers - is welcome!

Research certainly supports our work - recent studies prove music instruction at an early age enhances spatial reasoning skills (critical for higher brain function) and success in math and science.  Early musical achievement promotes language development, fine & gross motor coordination, social behavior and interactions, self-expression, and symbolic thinking.  In addition, music students demonstrate an increased ability to learn and retain new information quicker and easier. 

You are already giving your child a step ahead in life. Music truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime!



JULY 2017

Kidstunes After Preschool?

For families in the Burlington and surrounding areas, GROUP PIANO CLASSES are offered through Kidstunes Music Academy in Burlington.

Pre-piano classes starting at age five and beginner piano classes  starting at age six are offered beginning in the fall. Classes combine ear training, singing, dancing, drumming and music games.

To learn more about pre-piano or group classes visit

Musical Moments

Do the Hula

Make a Lei using heavy string, fake flowers (holes in the middle) & a piece of a plastic drinking straw between each flower.  How about a grass skirt from a paper bag?  Cut off the bottom, then cut the bottom 3/4 of the sides into strips - extra fun to color it green!

     Create a story about living on a  Hawaiian island.  It’s very tropical, with lots of sea life, volcanoes, palm trees, unique food (like poi, mahi mahi, & pineapples)... The sun shines bright & waves crash on black sand beaches - imagine!

Now... put on some Luau music, your homemade lei & skirt, pretend to play your ukulele, sway your hips and tell your story with your body!


African Drumming

Pull up a drum, or make your own from an old coffee can, oatmeal container, bucket, or pot from the kitchen and start drumming!  Have fun with    different combinations of long & short tones as well as rests & silences. Then, make up a rhythm and have your child be a “copy cat” to echo you!  Now, can YOU copy your child??  Play with the full palm of your hand, just your fingertips, your fingertips on the rim of the drum, or rub the head of the drum with your palm or fingers.  These all make very different sounds!  Take turns playing and dancing, or bring the entire family together for a  “jam session”!!

Music Around the World 

  Throughout the summer  months, we will continue the Kidstunes Multicultural unit which takes students on a musical journey around the world!  They will “visit” different countries each week to learn how children all over the globe celebrate with music!  Through songs, dance,  musical games, unique instruments, and traditions from cultures across all continents, students will gain a true taste of many venues.  They will even have their very own “passport” and receive a stamp upon arrival at each destination!  These precious mementos will be sent home at the end of the summer, but look out for other unique crafts, homemade instruments, and coloring sheets from some destinations throughout the program.  Teachers, we may need your help more than usual to accomplish these tasks. 

   PARENTS & TEACHERS: If you have any items or ideas from another country that would assist us with this unit and you are willing to share, please let us know!  Your first-hand knowledge, artifacts, and particularly your involvement will greatly enhance the journey!  We have LOTS of fun with this!

Lara's Letter

        Our Kidstunes instructors have been taking your child on a musical adventure this summer during our multicultural unit, “Around the World with Music”!  As we visit new destinations each week, travelers (students) have their very own “passport” stamped at each stop!  Popular lessons have been from Africa, Jamaica, Australia, several stops in Europe, Asia, and more!  With each visit, we try to experience not only the music of the culture, but also some of the traditions, dances, games, unique instruments, language, and dress of the children there.

  Keep up with our travels each week by reading the email updates sent by your child’s teacher (or bulletin posted at school).  Then, ask your child what they remember about the countries they visit!  See if they can share their favorite activity - a song, a dance, an instrument, special words in other languages, etc.  Try to find the country on a world map & discuss it in relation to your home!  They may even teach YOU something!