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September 2017

Musical Moments

Beat is Steady            

Here is a fun activity to do with your child to emphasize steady beat.  Sing this as a Call & Response song (teacher/parent sings first and then child echoes) to the tune of “Frere Jacques” (“Are you Sleeping?”) - try to emphasize the STRONG beat of each underlined word.  Later, add body percussion (patting knees, clapping hands, etc.), marching, & / or instruments. 

Beat is steady - Beat is steady,
Feel the beat! - Feel the beat!                                         
Keep the beat so steady -
Keep the beat so steady
Feel the beat!  - Feel the beat!
Another variation is to substitute how/where you are keeping the beat:
Beat is steady - Beat is steady. 
On our FEET - On our FEET!  (knees, head, elbow, etc.)                             
Keep the beat so steady -
Keep the beat so steady
On our FEET!  - On our FEET! (try leaving the last word out and have the child fill in the blank! Make it obvious you are waiting for them to sing it and they will gladly sing/say it loudly).

September - Finding Our Singing Voice & Steady Beat

 Did you know experts say the ‘window’ of opportunity for vocal development is from preschool through 2nd grade?! It’s imperative to foster a love of singing early in a child’s life as it is the foundation of all music learning & enjoyment.  At this age it is essential for young children to explore the wide dimensions of their own voice… from low whispers to high trills!  Especially at this age of development, singing is a VITAL part of the preschool experience.  Echoing simple tonal (melodic) patterns and encouraging their natural “head voice” (which is high, light and airy) is great practice!

   Steady Beat is one of the most important concepts for a child to fully understand & execute effortlessly.  Steady beat affects walking and talking and organizes the brain-body connection for effective moving and thinking.  The pairing of bilateral upper body movement with singing (like tapping both knees while seated) helps children synchronize & internalize the beat.  Although it seems like a simple concept to most of us, it can often take some time for the young child to master this skill.  This is the first true music fundamental taught & is reiterated in everything we do all year.

Lara's Letter

           Phew...traveling is exhausting.  But Oh so much fun! Now that we have all settled back in the U.S.A., we are ready to start the school-year off by getting “into the rhythm” of our routines. What better way to do that than finding the beat? It’s all around us, a clock ticking, our hearts beating, water dripping, many steady beats can you find?

   Students will be using their bodies, instruments, props, and voices to keep the beat  not only throughout the month of September, but in every class!

   This month students will also attune their voices through echoing patterns and identifying the difference between a whisper, talking, shouting and of course singing. This is an important part of Kidstunes classes and keeping them musical!

   Although we have had to say farewell to some of our friends who have gone off to their new adventures in Kindergarten,  as we kick off the school-year, we will be welcoming many new friends to our classes and don’t forget to invite your child’s classmates to join us!