Musical Children in the Making

Delise Germond

Instructor: Clayton/Raleigh


Congratulations to Ms. Delise who has been selected as Teacher of the Year for 2017! Ms. Delise teaches in the Raleigh area and has a very full schedule, but is always willing to accommodate changes when needed, participates in special school events, and assists other instructors by substituting &/or sharing resources and ideas! She has been with Kidstunes for just a year, but her enthusiasm, talent and creativity has been a true value to the team and the hundreds of children she teaches each week

Delise has been singing since before she can remember. Between musical theater, serving in the music ministry at church, and playing guitar, music has always been a vital part of her life. Delise graduated from Liberty University with a bachelors in music degree. There she studied songwriting and vocal performance. During her time at Liberty, Delise was able to foster her love for music and people by traveling across the United States with one of Liberty's ministry teams (LU Praise). When she isn't making music, Delise enjoys doing DIY projects, thrifting, and spending time with her loved ones. Delise's experience as a musical theater director has given her numerous opportunities to teach students of various ages. Helping others learn and grow is one of Delise's passions and she is thrilled to be able to use music and movement to do so by working with Kidstunes.

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