Activity of the Month

Families of Instruments and the Orchestra

Submitted by: Emma Burnham

At home, listen to "March of the Toys" from Babes in Toyland by Victor Herbert and practice being the conductor with your child. Consider finding sticks or a scarves to be your batons. Pretend to have different sections in your orchestra that you point to when you hear them in the masterwork. When a certain section is playing, you and your child can pantomime how each family typically plays their instruments (i.e. strings with the bow, woodwinds blowing, etc.) during the listening. 

Below I have included some instrument families that stand out at certain times in the song. Let your imaginations have fun!
0:20 Strings (playing with an imaginary bow)
0:33 Woodwinds (pretending to blow an instrument)
0:44 Strings 
1:00 Brass (moving your arms forwards and back like a trombone) 
1:30 Drum (imaginary drums sticks drumming in front of your body)
2:02 Brass
2:19 Strings
2:38 Brass
2:50 Percussion
3:00 Brass
3:10 Percussion
 3:15 Brass
3:30 Woodwinds


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