Activity of the Month

November - Rhythm & Notation

Submitted by Amy Hughes

​Compose a song with your child!
   Now that we have explored the concept of duration in our music classes, the children are familiar with differentiating between long and short sounds. Now we will take it a step further to talk about rhythm- different arrangements of long and short sounds.

      Your child can be the composer! Use straws (or any long objects) to represent long sounds, and cotton balls (or other small round objects) to represent short sounds. You could even make it edible and use pretzel sticks and marshmallows to eat when it's all done! Allow the child to arrange the short and long objects in a long continuous line on the table or floor.

   Now it's time for your child to perform their masterpiece! Use different long and short sounds like "ba" for short and "loo" for long, or try fun animal sounds like "oink" for short and "moooo" for long. To make it even more musical, the child can pick a note and sing the same note all the way through on the long and short sounds instead of using the speaking voice. 




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