Activity of the Month

Submittted by: Delise Germond

For the first portion of this month, we will continue our study on pitch and melodic direction. While this is at times a challenging idea to grasp, what helps most of our little ones is being able to visualize it. 
For this activity all you will need is a device that can play the following song:  

This is “Aquarium” From Carnival of the animals. Talk with your little one about creatures that live in the sea. Which one is your favorite? As the music plays pantomime swimming through the ocean as those creatures.  

You will notice that every few measures, the music sounds like it is going down. This is by design. The composer intended his listeners to feel as if they were sinking deeper under water. Every time you hear the “sinking sound,” try to swim a little lower and switch animals. 

Happy swimming! 


Musical Children in the Making