Musical Children in the Making

Activity of the Month

Submitted by: Ebony Jenkins

This month’s activity is a simple song from Australia, sung to the tune of Frère Jaques. This song (found on is about animals native to Australia. You can add to the song using animals that you see in the neighborhood around you, or animals from books that you read together. This song allows you and your child to use your imaginations in pretending to be the animals in your movements. When you add your own verses you and your child can play around with rhyming which helps with preparing for and improving reading skills, as well as improving oral skills. You can also add as much or as little movement as you like!


Barramundi, barramundi (hands together, in fish-like swaying)
Cockatoo, cockatoo (one hand on head, fingers up)
Cuddly koala, cuddly koala (arms cradling and rocking)
Kangaroo, kangaroo (hopping)

(Additional example verses, made up by the children in a class)

Slithering snake, slithering snake (one arms moves in a snake-like motion)
Barking dog (woof), barking dog (woof)
Little tiny kitten, little tiny kitten (purr) (wash face like a cat)
Bouncing frog, bouncing frog (get down on floor for a frog hop)