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Pitch and Melodic Direction

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February - Musical Expression

‚ÄčSubmitted by Lou Anne Hicks

This month we are learning about musical expression.  One of the concepts we are learning about is tempo.  Tempo is the speed of music. In our classes we are learning that Largo is our musical word for slow and Allegro is our musical word for fast.  One activity you can do at home is recite the poem "Engine Engine Number Nine".  As you recite the poem start off slow and each time you repeat it get faster.  Add body movements marching around the room to the tempo of the poem.  Another fun activity is to pull out any toy trains or cars and move them to the tempo of the poem.
Engine, engine number nine

Going down Chicago line

See it Sparkle See it shine

Engine, Engine number nine

Your child may also enjoy the book Freight Train by Donald Crews. Read it with any music in the background that starts out slow and gets faster