Musical Children in the Making

Activity of the Month

Music Around the World

All summer long, Kidstunes students will travel the world exploring different cultures and learning the styles of music, instruments, dances, languages and traditions from all over. 

You can listen to a variety of sounds at the World Music Network. Use the world map to click on any location and learn the history of the music, artists and traditional dances. Kids will love being able to click on the map themselves.

Traveling Ideas:

Use the website above to play music from different countries using some ideas below to have a great time pretending to travel. Be sure to talk about how you're going to get to your destination - boat, plane, car, horse?

- Pretend you are in Italy and use yarn as pasta and have a food fight with friends (pictured below with Ms. Tiffaney)

- Get under a large blanket and pretend to be a Chinese Dragon! 

- Use chopsticks as rhythm sticks to keep the beat

- Make a flower necklace from dandelions for a Lei and dance the Hula in Hawaii

- Put a large hat in the middle of the room and dance around it to the Mexican Hat Dance

- Travel to Africa with your own drums made out of 5 gallon paint buckets (about $3.00). These make a great sounds, with plenty of volume!